Baby photographer in Dublin , Co Meath Area !

How to choose your newborn photographer ?

Many of you want to capture the first moments of your newborn's life, and rightly so, because they are unique, new, magical moments... The little details that make your baby unique, his little freshly drawn mouth, her perfect little fingers, her little lock of unruly hair, her cute little feet... Why is it important to choose the right baby photographer? What should you pay attention to when making your choice? Here's how to find a baby photographer !

In Ireland , the activity of newborn photographer is increasingly in demand, more and more parents want to immortalize these first moments.

In recent years, neonatal photography has become very fashionable, and it comes straight from the United States. This way of photographing newborns with little scenes and pretty accessories is very established in America.

The decision to choose a photographer is not easy when it comes to a newborn photo shoot. Let me guide you on what I think you should look for when selecting a photographer for your baby.


I will put this point as a priority! because yes you have to choose a photographer who knows how to take pretty photos but that is not enough.
Today in Ireland everyone can call themselves a baby photographer without having ever carried an infant in their arms...

This profession is a profession of passion, love, gentleness which requires patience, technique, experience and knowledge of the newborn.

Try to find out how long the birth photographer has been in the industry.
A newborn is handled with great care, some photos must be taken using editing (as below) in order to avoid any risk.
The number one mission of a baby photographer is to respect their little model both physically and emotionally.


Of course you have to ask yourself, what kind of photos do I want? What style of photography do I prefer?

Some photographers will come to your home to carry out a “lifestyle” photo session, a birth photo session in the simplicity that represents your everyday life. The baby's room, cuddles on the sofa, etc.

Others, like me, offer baby photo sessions in the studio, with all the essential accessories provided.

These two types of photographs are very beautiful, but they are completely different.

Making the decision to take a maternity photo at home requires several conditions: The amount of light, the colors of the walls, the interior, all of this has a huge impact on the effect of the final photo. For such a session everything must be prepared before the arrival of the photographer.

Concerning the birth photo session in the photographer's studio. A small expedition, yes, but don't worry, nothing too bad. A diaper bag, a pacifier, a cuddly toy and off you go!
I am a baby photographer in Dunboyne, Co Meath in a home studio, for my part but half of my clientele is Dublin and the journey is extremely good. I can guarantee you that it is much easier to make the journey with a baby only a few days old than with a child of 3 or 4 years old (mother's experience).

For my part, I provide absolutely everything necessary for the photo shoot, sets, small clothes, accessories... The lighting conditions are essentially the same all the time in the studio, which guarantees you a technical result equivalent to what you could have view on the portfolio.


Obviously before going to this or that photographer, be sure to view their portfolio or photo gallery. Do not hesitate to view its various pages on social networks, Facebook, Instagram…
Just because a friend or acquaintance has recommended a photographer does not mean you will like their images.

Post processing is very important in this type of photography. Your baby should not look like a porcelain doll with extremely smooth skin... Their skin should look natural and healthy.

Each photographer makes his choice of staging: Natural, accessorized ?

Personally I do both. Some parents come to me and tell me I don't want any accessories, just my baby without artifice. And I love this exercise! But people often come to me for a staging that remains light and gentle, for my part my images must be timeless, think of your baby when he is an adult, that he will look at his photos several years later... Fashion changes, it It is therefore preferable that your infant photos are simple and not too busy.

Professional photos are those that show the beauty and fragility of your baby, through appropriate positioning of the head and body.

Amateur photographer... If you decide to go to an amateur photographer, be careful! if he asks you for remuneration, it's illegal! Don't forget that your professional photographer pays charges that can be close to 50%, so when you pay 450 euros for a baby photo session, don't forget that your photographer will have to pay almost half of this sum to the Revenue !

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